Following the years of success producing some of the largest events in the country, HSP SA is expanding to other territories, including the United Kingdom. ‘We have a passion for cycling, and in particular, women’s cycling, and believe that we have a lot to offer other cycling-mad countries’ comments Jenni Green, Business Development Director, Harford Sports Promotions.

In business for 28 years, Harford Sports Promotions SA has been involved in many different events, including music concerts, polo, running, walking as well as cycling, hosting the second largest timed cycling event in the world. A notable first in South African cycling was the spearheading of the very first UCI Women’s 1.1 cycling event in the country by HSP SA, allowing women in South Africa, as well as international World Tour teams to compete in the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.

“Keeping current, and in line with best practice internationally is what we strive to achieve all the time, and what better way to cross pollinate our skill set than to expand internationally”, comments CEO of HSP SA Tanya Harford.

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HSP Group owns the Bia brand

Born out of the passion for women’s cycling, Bia is the brainchild of Jenni Green. Director at HSP, and deeply involved in the production of the events that HSP manages and produces, Jenni has been a cyclist for nearly 20 years. A wealth of knowledge, insight and passion has given life to the concept of Bia.

In Greek mythology, Bia, (in Greek: Βία,), was the personification of force and raw energy. The centre of your physical body and spiritual power is located in your solar plexus. The solar plexus is the seat of power, will, intelligence, confidence, energy, transformation and self-esteem. Through the force of your own will, you empower yourself. This empowerment can only happen when YOU internally decide to do so. When the ‘i’ decides.

Bia is a mantra, a philosophy. Bia is about connecting you to the part of yourself that knows what needs to happen, and engages the power within yourself to progress on the bike, and indeed, in life. Through unique Events, inspiring Escapes, a social club, and various other engagement opportunities, Bia connects like-minded people through the beautiful sport of cycling. 

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